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Choosing a Floor Jack for your Car

Whether you like to work on your vehicle or are just into self-maintenance, you would know how many times you may have to go under the car to make a repair or make a change. Floor jacks, ramps and jack stands are kind of essential garage tools when working on a four-wheeler. So, for buying a ‘floor jack’, here is a quick guide you can follow:

Floor jacks can come in various shapes and sizes and they could be specific for different vehicles. So, you really need to know your vehicle properly before trying to find a jack for it. The quality of the jacks can also vary, so, figuring a budget for yourself and the standard of product you want can help narrow down your search.

Things to Consider:

Type of the vehicle: The type of vehicle you want to use the jack plays an important role in choosing the right jack floor. Based on the clearance level of your vehicle, the type of jack you can use vary.

  • For high clearance, a bottle jack would do.
  • For low clearance cars & vehicles, a common hydraulic floor jack would work fine.
  • For vehicles with very low clearance, you would need to use an aluminum floor jack.

Another thing to consider is the usage. For an emergency, a scissor jack should be your weapon of choice. For a more general all-category use, a hydraulic floor jack would serve you best.

Weight of the vehicle: Each jack can lift a certain weight. The general weight and the pressure your jack would have to endure is important. The common hydraulic jack has the capacity of lifting 2-3 tons of weight. This is perfect for most vehicles. For heavier ones, choose service jacks. Ask the weight capacity of the jack before buying it. One of the best options you have is 3 ton floor jack.

Material: You can choose between steel and aluminum jacks. The aluminum jack is less heavy. But steel jacks are more durable.

Lifting Speed: Fast lifting jacks or ones with dual-lifting pistons can achieve high within3-6 strokes but, they are pricier.

Quality: The best way to check for quality is by examining individual parts. Jacks having plastic components are of lesser quality. Thick or sloppy paint coats could be a sign of warning, a shine could be just to enhance appearance. Weight is another indicator of jack quality.

A floor jack is a long-term investment in your garage, so, do it carefully. Buying a good-quality long-lasting jack would benefit you more than getting a cheap good that will go out too soon. Choose your jack after careful consideration of all the factors involved. And, do a proper inspection before buying, to prevent getting a faulty product. If you are maintaining a motorcycle then don’t forget to use best motorcycle jack to.

These are the things you need to look out for when buying the perfect jack for your garage. Don’t get confused by all the products out there, focus your needs & demand and choose accordingly!

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