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Is it a good time to buy a car?

When you choose to buy a new car, the period can save you money. The ideal time is towards the end of the year.

When you want to buy a car, you have to consider several factors. You must first make sure you

are doing a good deal, and the most important aspect is when and how you lease the car.

If you play the cards correctly and follow the next steps for buying a used car, you will be able to conclude the ideal transaction for you. Going to the lot at the right time of year, talking to the salesperson at the right time, and planning are essential when you want to buy a car at a good price.

When is the right time?

Find out first. Find the car that suits you and choose the right year and model. Once you have decided, remember the next steps to complete a good deal and to check car services reviews.

  • In winter prices will be somewhat more reasonable – Usually, December and January are considered the best months to buy a new car. But with the fall of the car market in France, the situation is changing in favor of the customer.
  • the number of transactions concluded by a dealer decreases during the winter because people spend more time at home.
  • With the installation of winter, people will already know something about the new models that will be released and will want to buy those models. This means that prices for older models will fall.

Should the price of fuel influence the purchase decision?

We are currently going through a period of extremely low fuel prices, as a result of the diplomatic war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, in conjunction with a declining demand due to the pandemic. People travel less by car.

But it is not a good time to buy a car that consumes a lot. Fuel prices will rise to cover losses during this period. Opt for a car that fits your regular monthly budget.

A declining market, a good deal

It may seem paradoxical to talk about buying a vehicle, and often a significant expense for a household when there is no clear outlook for the economy. But this is where good business can be found. In addition, even without cash, it is now very easy to do an online simulation for a car loan. As a bonus, interest rates are still low. But this will not last long if the prospect of a global economic recovery looms.

Despite all this, the Covid-19 crisis has particularly changed the situation. Indeed, the car market has had a very complicated 2020 in terms of sales, and 2021 does not look better at the moment. So we have producers who often see that volumes sold fall by more than 20% and sellers who could be distant.

Future anti-pollution standards will also increase the price of vehicles. By 2025, the Euro 7 standard should enter into force and will mark, at least in part, the end of single-combustion vehicles. The fact of switching to a hybrid engine (MHEV, PHEV) or a 100% electric vehicle will explode the purchase price of the cars. Don’t forget the CO2 sanctions that increase every year.

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