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The cost of car maintenance yearly

Car maintenance has no fixed price. It depends on the model of your car, how you handle your car, the car issues you experience during the year, and the cost of the maintenance services. For instance, if you are driving a luxurious brand, you will spend much on maintaining it than someone who drives a car that is not of a luxurious brand. Also, you would spend much on a car that was damaged by an accident than on a car that had no such issue. If you are experiencing inflation in your country, the cost of your car maintenance services is likely to increase as well. However, you should set a reasonable amount of money for maintaining your car and try to spend within that limit throughout the year, if possible. Here are some car maintenance tricks that can save you some money and help your car last longer.

Inspect your car tires and change the oil

One way to maintain your car is to look out for your car tires. Maintaining the pressure can help you in reducing the wear on your tires and ensure your gas lasts longer. Find the recommended pressure of your car, check the Psi and deflate or inflate your tires accordingly. Also, try to prevent a flat tire. You can avoid a blowout by rotating your tires every 5,000 to 10,000 miles and looking out for tire recalls, amidst other preventive measures. Also, you have to routinely check and change the oil of your car to ensure that your engine is in the best state possible. When changing your oil, ensure you do it according to the car owner’s manual. You can take your car to a professional car service center if you cannot do it yourself. Either you are doing it yourself or not, ensure you use the best motor oil for your car. This means that you have to consider the viscosity of the oil, your car’s mileage, and whether you should use synthetic or non-synthetic oil. By reading reviews on platforms like, you will get suggestions about the best type of oil and tires for your car and where to get them.

Routinely check the fluid and test the lights

There are several fluids your car needs to make it run properly. You should check your engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. If any of these fluids leak, it will affect the way your car runs. You identify a fluid by its color if it is leaking. As such, you will know where exactly to fix it. Another maintenance routine is to test the lights of the car. A bulb that is broken or burnt is a safety hazard and might even make you run into trouble with road safety agents. Thoroughly inspect each bulb of your car. If you notice that a bulb is out, take your car to a professional to fix it for you. you can go the extra mile by cleaning the lenses to keep them shining brightly and replacing the bulb once it starts to dim. There are some times you will need to rent a vehicle to use while you take your car for repairs. It will be best you read EasyRentCars reviews to know if you can rent a car from them in your location.

Replace your windshield wipers when due and run regular checkups

If your wipers are not working as they should, do not let the problem linger for long. Damaged wipers can reduce your visibility in severe weather like rain or a snowstorm, thereby leading to an accident. Inspect your wiper blades regularly and know when to replace them. Also, run regular checks on your car, some checkups can be done by you while some have to be done by trained technicians. Trained technicians can detect whatever is wrong with your car through the on-board diagnostics port. Also, a trained technician will be able to inspect other components like the wheel bearings, alternator, etc.

Check your brakes and wash your car

The brake pads are a vital part of your car that must not have any issues. It is risky to be driving on a high-traffic way and have your brakes seize at that moment. That could lead to a major accident. Also, you have to make it a regular habit to wash your car. Your car is subjected to a lot of elements such as bird droppings, tree sap, ice melt, etc. Some of these can not only make the car dirty but also damage the paint and undercarriage. Know the car washing method that works for you and stick with it.

Ensure your hoses are in good condition and update your car insurance

Your car’s belts and hoses should be in a good condition if you do not want your car to breakdown on the road. For instance, if the serpentine belt breaks while driving, other systems of your car may fail as well. Also, you need to review the insurance of your car. This ensures that things like the policy coverages, deductibles, etc are good for your current financial situation.

Park your car in a safe space

it is advised that you park your car opposite a glass window and check your lights as you do so. Ensure all the beams of your car are working as well. Adjust the beam as needed, maybe when carrying a heavier weight or you risk colliding blindly with oncoming drivers. Also, park in a place where everyone can see your car in case someone plans to tow it away. Keep all car doors locked tightly and park in the shade. Ensure you live no breathing things such as your child or pets in your car.

Drive well

You will not enjoy using your car if you have horrible driving skills. You have to learn how to drive properly and how to handle your car in extreme cases. You can get yourself a tutor to teach you more about driving, learn from others by watching how they drive, etc. Take care when driving on rough roads. As much as you can, try to avoid driving on one. Depending on the model of your car, stick to how the manufacturer dictates how the car should be used. Only let a professional car repair shop handle your car when necessary.

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